There’s a number of things you should avoid doing when you start a new job.

You have to be professional and you’d better prove yourself.

If you can’t do these things, …

then you may end up not having a job for very much longer.


Here’s a few obvious tips to get you started …

Avoid Gossip

There are a lot of people that show up to a job and try to make friends with everyone. It’s okay to be friendly with people, but you don’t want to go around and join in on anything like people talking about how they dislike this person or other things you don’t want to get caught up in. It may seem like you’re part of the team if you join in with the banter, but it’s better if you do your work and stick with talking to people about work related subjects. The last thing you want is for your boss to walk up when you’re talking about how you dislike a certain task.

Be On Time, Even Early

Don’t show up to your job late when you are first working there. Even if something comes up, you should try to avoid letting it get in the way of your job. The first few months you are working, you are going to be looked at carefully so the company can make sure you are doing a good enough job to stick around. If you can’t even show up on time regularly, you’ll be fired well before you make it that far within the company.

Mind Your Own Business

Do your best to avoid talking about what you make, especially with people you barely know that work there. You really don’t want people to find out that you make more or you may find out that you’re making less than people doing the same job as you. It’s important that you just keep the pay rate to yourself because it can end in you getting angry or making your coworkers angry about the amounts. The best way to get a raise is to work hard no matter what you’re getting paid, so keep that in mind instead of what other people could be making around you.

Give it 100%, every day

Don’t tell people this job is going to be temporary until you find something that pays better. Even if that is what you plan to do, you shouldn’t let people in on what your plans are. If the boss knows that you’re just spending a little bit of time there before you leave, they may find a reason to fire you so they can get someone that they can keep around. It’s expensive to have to hire new people so keep any of your future plans to yourself if you want to have the job for as long as you need it.


It’s up to you to do these things the right way. Remember, no matter how long you stay, you’re building a reputation that will follow you where ever you go … Whether you’re starting a new job, or looking to move up, always do your best and you’ll make it. What goes around comes around. Sometimes a different way then you were expecting.

The longer you do well at a job, the more of a chance you have to get promoted to a better position.

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