My Systematized Commercial Cleaning and Office Cleaning Procedure

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 Today we are talking about office cleaning or commercial cleaning. It’s important to do things systematically so that you’re not walking in circles doing things twice. That way, you work from the top down and finish up with the floors on your way out.

Start with Dusting and Cleaning

spray-cleaner-bottle-belt-clipWhat I like to do first in office cleaning is, obviously, unlock the door and address any alarms systems. Next is to visit the janitorial supply area and get the equipment out that I’ll need. I start with a feather duster and a micro fibre cloth and go around the border of the entire room. If it’s just an office area I’m working with, I dust the upper areas first. Basically, clean from the ceiling, down. Walk around the border of the walls and desk areas and dust any area that needs to be dusted. Really, you can walk along the whole facility that way, along the border and make sure every area is dusted properly.

A good tip is to keep the spray bottle on your hip or on a clip. Put the trigger end in your pocket so it kind of hangs off of the hip. If there is a little coffee mark while you are dusting or a smudge somewhere you can give it a very light spray, or even, onto your cloth and you can polish that out. Never use a cloth that is really wet or really damp as it will leave streak marks. You always want to make sure you polish out any area that you touch on a desk or a screen and, likewise, make sure it is polished dry so that there are no streaks left.

Pick up the Trash


Once everything is dusted and cleaned, go around and collect the garbage. Again, if anything spills, drops, or settles on the floor, you are going to catch it when you clean the floors later. Collect the garbage and clean the washrooms making sure they are done completely. Start by sweeping out the washroom area to ensure the floors are clean in there. Go around with your broom or vacuum, depending on whether it’s carpets or hard floors, and work the floor area. Be sure the floors are cleaned really well. You want to make sure every little speck and piece of sand and dirt is off the floor and out of the corners. Corners are very important so pay careful attention to detail in these areas when you’re office cleaning.


Mop up

Commercial-office-Cleaning-KingstonOnce everything is; thoroughly picked up, cleaned, vacuumed, and swept, the final step is going to be mopping the floor. Again, if you’re cleaning an account 7 days a week or more frequently, you are not going to do a really extensive mop every day, it’s going to be more of a light mop-up each day so that it stays looking clean. Any little areas of build up you’re going to make sure you target them each time. A more extensive mop-up would be done weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on the need of the client.

After all of this, do a quick walk around ensuring that everything looks good and that you’ve not dropped anything. Ensure you’ve not left anything lying around, and that all your cleaning-checklisttools are replaced into the closet. Next, properly secure and close down the building, turn off lights and leave the place looking in order and ready for the manager to come in and do an inspection in the morning. By doing an inspection yourself before you leave, you can be confident your client will find everything done with excellence the next morning.


Thank you, I hope this has helped you when your thinking about office cleaning tasks.

Have a great day!

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