Self-Evaluation Performance Review – 5 Tips to Clean Up Your Act

So, You’re Employers Given You the Task of Doing a Self-Evaluation Performance Review …

Here’s 5 Tips You Can Use!


Performance reviews are never a fun time. Self-evaluations are possibly the most stressful task you might do all year. How well do you really know yourself? These reviews can mean raises and promotions or possibly being stuck in a dead-end position for another year.


While every evaluation and every company is different, here are 5 tips you can use to get you on track …

1) Be honest: Lying or putting falsifications on your self-evaluation performance review is not only going to make the process unpleasant for you, it could get you in serious trouble or even terminated. Even if you hate your job, plan on leaving, or already have something else lined up, don’t go out in a blaze of glory. Just put in your notice, suck it up for two weeks, and leave professionally. You never know when you’ll need a reference in the future, or possibly even another job back here.

2) Highlight your successes: If you know that such reviews are coming up on the calendar, try and keep a running tab or some sort of list of things you have personally accomplished or helped get done since the last round of reviews. You likely won’t have room to list them all, and that might even be overkill and look like boasting, but self-promotion is good here when it’s honest and accurate. Try pointing out three to five things where your employment provides benefit for the company.

3) Don’t just list recent wins: If it has been six months or even a year since your last reviews, make sure your list of highlighted successes includes an item or two from the first half of that time period. Resurrecting positive memories in the minds of your supervisors or bosses helps them see you as a consistently contributing team member, and if any of them came to the team after your last review, they might not know about some of your successes.

4) Single out only one weakness, and perhaps two at the most: No one is perfect, so you can’t say you have none. Even if you believe it, your bosses certainly will not. So to appear authentic in a self-evaluation, you need to list something and be honest about it. However, also try to frame it in a way that makes it like not so much a weakness but an area of growth. If you can, break it down into statistics and show improvement. For instance, if you have two write-ups for tardiness, acknowledge that you still have work to do, but that in the last round of reviews, you had even more write-ups plus missed shifts. Simply pointing out good attendance can mitigate some things.

5) Never speak ill of another person: The whole point of a self-evaluation is to evaluate yourself. Being petty, even if you’re right, looks unprofessional at best, and at worst like your lack of interpersonal skills or ability to block out others is a problem on the staff. Stay focused on you.

Tending to these 5 tips is a great starting strategy for handling your self-evaluation performance review as an employee.

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