Full and Part Time Employment Opportunities

King Kleen is seeking a new member of the team. Should you qualify, we invite you to submit your resume to our administrator by emailing admin@kingkleen.com with your resume attached as a PDF or DOCX file. Be sure to include: ‘”ACCOUNT MANAGER APPLICATION” in the subject field.

Available Position Title:  CLEANER / ACCOUNT MANAGER

This position is part-time, leading to full-time.
Our goal as a management team is to give care, support and reward our team members and to see them succeed in life and business.

Responsible for


  • Arrive on client work sites with supplied cleaning equipment to thoroughly clean, and disinfect specified interior spaces.
  • Become familiar and proficient with clean equipment, gear, and products to effectively complete each job.
  • Complete the work, with high-quality job performance, efficient time management; within the allotted time and the job’s budget.
  • Achieve client satisfaction and approval with the completed work.


  • Perform client visits, emails, and phone calls at appropriate times (stay connected/good relationship with our clients)
  • Have professional and clear communication with the contact person in your accounts.
  • Be proactive in addressing customer cleaning needs.
  • Promptly address and resolve client needs, questions, and concerns.
  • Completion of your accounts and projects, daily in accordance with King Kleen Administrator.
  • Service customers at scheduled times.
  • Maintain a current schedule; informing King Kleen Administrator of any changes or errors.
  • Use your approved personal vehicle to carry out your daily commitments.
  • Maintain and properly care for personal Cleaning Kit (vacuum, tools, etc.)
  • Be prepared to assist King Kleen team when a need arises to the best of your abilities.


  • Successfully complete initial training & certification.
  • Ongoing safety training and cleaning training, at requested times.
  • Properly train other King Kleen team members who are assisting or taking over an account.
  • Abide by all King Kleen policies and procedures to ensure safety and the fulfilment of King Kleen’s Vision.


  • As a member King Kleen family, we place great importance upon honesty, speaking well of and supporting one another.
  • Be teachable, flexible, and adaptable to change as we grow and make improvements within the Company.
  • Attend and interact in all team & management requested meetings.
  • Respond to ALL emails from King Kleen Administrator/Management within 48 hours.


  • Our Professional look: King Kleen logo uniform shirt/sweater, King Kleen branded head covering, clean professional looking pants & shoes (cargo pants recommended).

DURING COVID: We understand that these are very challenging times for staff in many industries. We are very thankful that we are an essential service and are able to continue to help many customers with their cleaning and disinfection needs. While we understand there are risks in many industries we take seriously supporting our team with the proper PPE (personal protective equipment) and training to provide service in a safe manner for our customers.

We look forward to hearing from you. To apply, please send email to admin@kingkleen.com with your resume attached as a PDF or DOCX file. Be sure to include: “ACCOUNT MANAGER APPLICATION” in the subject field. File size should not exceed 5MB.

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