King Kleen Cleaning Tip: Cleaning Stainless

Stainless_Steel_1__1.4_Bowl_SinkKing Kleen Cleaning Tip:

Keeping stainless steel from streaking is not always easy. Water, in any form, can cause severe streaking or spotting. Moisture, rain, and high humidity are just a few culprits for causing streaking, which will lead to an unsightly mess. Here are a few tips for getting those unsightly streaks and spots off of your stainless steel, whether it’s a new set of rims or your favourite kitchen utensils.

Baby oil: (Yes, that’s right baby oil)

After cleaning stainless steel, use a soft cloth and a dab of baby oil. Polish the stainless steel in a circular motion until you have applied it evenly over the surface. This will leave a super shiny, streak free, gleam. Hint: Do not use too much baby oil. Start off with a small amount. You can always add more to your cloth as needed. Adding too much will cause a mess!

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