Integrity in the Workplace and Business

People want to work with and deal with people that they trust.

Think about a situation in your life where someone did not fulfill their promise or commitment to you. How did that make you feel? I bet it left you feeling frustrated, disappointed and discouraged. It likely made you question the agreement you had with that person or company.

Now think about a person or company in your life that is consistent in fulfilling their commitments to you. They do what they say, you trust them because they always seem to come through or make it happen. It’s clear that they value their word, and you. These are the people and companies that you want to have relationships with because integrity is the foundation of who they are and what they stand for.

mountains-illustration-solid-integityPeople want to have relationships with others they can trust and count on consistently …

Now that doesn’t mean that they are perfect or never make a mistake, it just means that they will do the right thing. They’ll do whatever they can to fulfill their commitments and make right anything that may have gone wrong.

Integrity is defined as “firm adherence to a code – especially moral or artistic values:  incorruptibility

To be successful long term in business and to have true influence with people, long term, integrity is a must in the core of who you are. Cutting corners, working under the table, rushing to make a quick buck, sweeping issues under the rug (little cleaning pun there), … will always have a negative effect on you in the long run and those with you.

I heard it said that a common thread in the lives of many Deca-millionaires, (a net worth of over ten million dollars), was that they all had a very high level of integrity. Even to the point where others would call them, ‘too extreme’, in their integrity. The truth is, without genuine integrity operating in your life, relationships, and business, … genuine success will be absent.

We have all made mistakes in this area of our lives and we can’t change the past, but the question is what area in your life, relationships & business can you make right today and tomorrow …

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