Golf Giveaway – Thank you campaign

The team at King Kleen were very excited to team up with Amherstview Golf Club for a summer-long Golf Giveaway campaign: Six weeks of FREE rounds of golf for two + golf cart included + swag giveaways, were on offer to eager participants. Over the course of six weeks, the giveaways were promoted on the…


King Kleen & DisinfectRight – Electrostatic Explained | video

King Kleen Luxury Cleaning Services have teamed with DisinfectRight to provide a superb professional cleaning service for Kingston ON area businesses. For client and staff piece-of-mind disinfecting and sanitizing your business, contact King Kleen 613 532-3333.

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Planning The Perfect Friday Night Office Get-Together

  It’s important to have positive relationships with the people you work with. If everyone in your office gets along, you’ll truly be able to work as a team and can strengthen your relationships.       Here’s how you can plan a Friday night get-together that everyone in the office can enjoy.   Find…


What To Avoid Doing At Your New Job

There’s a number of things you should avoid doing when you start a new job.   You have to be professional and you’d better prove yourself. If you can’t do these things, … then you may end up not having a job for very much longer.     Here’s a few obvious tips to get…


Self-Evaluation Performance Review – 5 Tips to Clean Up Your Act

So, You’re Employers Given You the Task of Doing a Self-Evaluation Performance Review … Here’s 5 Tips You Can Use!   Performance reviews are never a fun time. Self-evaluations are possibly the most stressful task you might do all year. How well do you really know yourself? These reviews can mean raises and promotions or…


Why You Should Use a Pro Carpet Cleaning Service

Why Use a Carpet Cleaning Service like King Kleen? …   Carpet cleaning is an important service that many people need. There are those, too, who prefer cleaning their own carpets without the help of a professional company. Keeping carpets clean can be a challenge in most commercial establishments with high traffic areas. Keeping your…


Integrity in the Workplace and Business

People want to work with and deal with people that they trust. Think about a situation in your life where someone did not fulfill their promise or commitment to you. How did that make you feel? I bet it left you feeling frustrated, disappointed and discouraged. It likely made you question the agreement you had…


My Systematized Commercial Cleaning and Office Cleaning Procedure

– Kingston Office Cleaning  Today we are talking about office cleaning or commercial cleaning. It’s important to do things systematically so that you’re not walking in circles doing things twice. That way, you work from the top down and finish up with the floors on your way out. – Start with Dusting and Cleaning –…


Auto Detailing Kingston – Car Cleaning and Detailing

  Kingston Auto Detailing Hi, I’m Jon Beckwith, owner of King Kleen here in Kingston Ontario. Today we are talking about Car Detailing. You want your car to be and look clean right? Well of course. When you climb into a nice clean fresh looking car, it makes you feel and look great. So the…


Experience the King Kleen Difference!

King Kleen is your answer to all your cleaning needs. We specialize in residential and commercial cleaning. We are professional, excellent and affordable! King Kleen understands that in order to create an excellent customer experience, a team that values excellence is required. We have that team!


King Kleen Cleaning Tip: Cleaning Stainless

King Kleen Cleaning Tip: Keeping stainless steel from streaking is not always easy. Water, in any form, can cause severe streaking or spotting. Moisture, rain, and high humidity are just a few culprits for causing streaking, which will lead to an unsightly mess. Here are a few tips for getting those unsightly streaks and spots…


10 Ways To Keep A Clean House!

1. Shine Your Sink. Every night take five minutes to clean your kitchen completely put dirty dishes in the dishwasher, clean off the counters, and scrub and dry your sink until it’s shiny. 2. Wash One Load of Laundry Daily. Instead of waiting until the weekend to wash several loads of laundry, get in the…


Complimentary Deep Kleen

King Kleen is offering you a one time complimentary sample Deep Kleen demo for your business.   A DEEP KLEEN CONSISTS OF: 1.  Thoroughly cleaning bathrooms and kitchens. 2. Disinfects touch points, bathroom fixtures with hospital grade disinfectant solutions. 3. Removes build up on edges, corners and grout lines on the floor.   Routine servicing prevents…