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Hi, I’m Jon Beckwith, owner of King Kleen here in Kingston Ontario. Today we are talking about Car Detailing. You want your car to be and look clean right? Well of course.

When you climb into a nice clean fresh looking car, it makes you feel and look great. So the key to Auto Cleaning or Auto Detailing is to work ‘Systematically’.

I like to work from the inside-out so that my work area is clean and dry.


Here is the auto detailing process I follow:

car-detailing-exteriorsFirst things first – I clear out the vehicle interior removing everything from the cars’ interior including compartments and storage areas. I do a quick vacuum on all surfaces to remove debris and loose dirt. The car will start to look and smell better already. Then get the pressure washer out and pressure wash the inside. I know it sounds crazy but any heavily soiled areas I like to pre-soak them with a little hot water on a micro-fibre cloth, get the area good and wet, and then use the pressure washer on the spot to permeate the soiling. Not too heavy, I just give a quick blast and also hit any of those hard to reach areas. Then, I’m ready to wet vac the area right away, before the water has a chance to permeate the carpet base material too much. This would be an equivalent process to carpet cleaning carpeting in your home. Then I use an air hose to loosen or displace dirt from hard to reach areas and also to propel cleaning solutions and conditioners into areas like the air vents. Rather than using a Q-tip to clean these spots, I often spray a product like Armor-All into the vents and then use compressed air so the solution can work its way into areas that cannot be reached with other means. I then give the interior carpeting another once over with the wet vac to remove any residual moisture and make sure everything is as dry as possible. If carpeting or seats need to be shampoo’ d, I use a little pre-spray first. I spray the product onto the seats and the floor, and then use the carpet shampooer equipment to clean and then dry those areas. Windows are next. I use high-quality window cleaning solutions specifically for auto-glass to remove build-up on surfaces including smudges and clouding.



Now I move to the exterior and pressure wash the outside of the vehicle, including the mud mats, and carpet runners from the cargo areas. I wash the vehicle down with a good exterior shampoo and rinse thoroughly paying special attention to wheel wells and undercarriage to loosen mud and debris. Next, it’s back inside to do a final conditioning and detailing including cleaning the door frame areas, door rubbers, and edges. I soak and tire wipe the wheels and tires, then apply a conditioner to get the rubber looking great. Once the vehicle has dried I apply wax if requested, and buff to a nice shine. I open all doors and fan air dry the whole vehicle in our indoor vehicle cleaning bay to ensure its completely dry. This often takes a few hours. Sometimes I run the vehicle at intervals with high interior heat to pull out condensation from materials, and then again, fan air drying to ensure the interior is completely dry.



steering-wheel-mercedesSo that is a very quick run-down of the systematic process we follow when doing auto detailing at the King Kleen location here in Kingston. A full auto detailing and cleaning service will usually take a full day, so the car can be dropped off in the morning and picked up at night or if you prefer you may request us to pick the vehicle up at a requested location dirty and drop it back nice and clean. It’s time to hop in the driver’s seat.

If auto detailing your car or truck is something you want to tackle yourself, I hope these tips will help. However, If this is something you do not want to do yourself, King Kleen would be happy to assist you in getting your vehicle looking like new again.

Our Auto Detailing service also makes a great gift idea.

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